Did you know that many American food products are actually banned in other countries?

Our supermarkets are filled with processed foods and foods with high levels of artificial sugar. A lot of our foods in the United States are infused with unhealthy or even dangerous “ingredients”, such as artificial dyes, oil substitutes, and carcinogenic chemicals, which are used by food manufacturers for various reasons. Even foods that could be moderately healthy such as salmon and apples are not as healthy as you think! Unfortunately for us – the consumers, the foods we consume on a daily basis have been majorly affecting our gut health.

What is gut health?

Gut health describes issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, acid reflux, and other symptoms that emerge from the gut area. Typically, people purchase medicines to relieve these specific symptoms but they don’t alleviate the root cause of their gut problems. A healthy gut can help you absorb nutrients better and prevent sicknesses including infections.

It’s been known that the U.S. struggles with obesity, especially since we have quite a high level of child obesity. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol problems can also potentially be issues that our children will face, either at a younger age or when they become adults.

What can we do?

A healthy gut needs to have balanced gut bacteria, which can be attained in a number of ways. Nutrition, adequate sleep, and regular exercise are 3 ways to maintain a strong immune system. Nutrition is one of the hardest factors for many people because there are so many unhealthy choices in the market and as mentioned before, even the healthy foods available aren’t always so healthy. Hence why we need to balance our gut health by intaking a good amount of probiotics and prebiotics.

What does that mean exactly? Probiotics are live bacteria that can be consumed through supplements or through certain foods. They work to improve digestion, boost the immune system, and can help prevent certain diseases. On the other hand, prebiotics are carbohydrates that act as a source of food for your gut’s bacteria. By consuming probiotics and prebiotics, your gut health and your immune system will then improve.

Actions You Can Take

To learn more about certain actions you can take to revitalize your body, probiotics and prebiotics, read more here. In addition, you can check out our shop to buy some of our recommended supplements.

Attention: This blog is purely informational and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your G.P. for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and before undertaking a new regimen. Contact your child’s doctor for further information regarding their nutrition and overall wellbeing. 

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